Walmart organizational culture essay

Another important strength is the way in which the company assesses the gap between departmental goals and actual results by running the balanced scorecard. They have a very wide product line that allows them to accommodate all of there consumers around the world. For example the level of expenditures to be allocated for IT investment is limited by business strategy.

Both the screening process and the interview questions should emphasize areas such as past team success and participation in continuous improvement process.

Another important strength is the cultural orientation of innovation which motivates employees to contribute inputs to change. This type of organizational structure is best for the larger organizations as they have many departments to run and manage whereas a small business has a limited amount of departments and does not require the amount of management staff that a larger business requires.

Out of all of the organizational structures, Walmart would not have gotten where it is today if they used a functional structure or a matrix structure. Also there is some inflexibility in terms of customizing operations to local market expectations when it comes to international expansion.

In implementing these initiatives, it is modifying marketing and selling operations in accordance with local cultural orientations. The company also has a department for the function of information technology, and another department for the function of marketing.

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Walmart: Organizational Structure & Organizational Culture

These objectives can be met through the action plans of hiring and greater alignment because clearly the top management has lost touch with the important stakeholders and as a result the company is facing the criticisms.

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Organizational Structure of Walmart Essay Sample

The corporation has divided the areas up into what is called districts. The action plans above address the interests of the two groups.

With this, they have to base their product on their location so that they can provide for the local consumers and keep them coming back.

Walmart's Organizational Culture

In terms of customer and market focus, the strength is including customer requirements in strategic planning for process management. In this respect some of the recommended action plans for the company are to conduct market research with greater frequency, to invest more in promotion and distribution and to diversify the product line in order to reach out to additional segments of the market.

The award criteria are based on creating an effective organizational structure. The accounting department handles all the finances within the corporation and ensures that the profit-loss margin is adequate. Therefore, the company needs to implement strategies in the areas of target marketing and positioning in order to widen its market appeal as a way of implementing strategies targeted towards countering competitive threats.

This structure has two features: PRIMA, 2 1The resilience of the human resources of the company partly depends on the mindset supported through the organizational culture. Our State is NJ. This department will study the area and determine the best way to market and advertise their stores to get the most out of the geographic area they are located in.

The interconnectedness between the different process chains is the main feature of the balanced scorecard method and as a result when it comes to strategy deployment, the effects are assessed in terms of their organization-wide impact.

They have many different stores around the world with a top manager at each store. Each district has a District Manager who over sees all the stores within that district. In implementing the performance improvement system, the company has built the necessary framework for integrating Baldrige award criteria into the process cited in Fred, The corporation uses departmentalization when they base the product to stock in their stores on the geographic area that the store is in, if the store is in a beach community they stock more beach activity products than a store that is in the desert areas like Nevada.

Organizational Structure of Walmart Essay Sample

For example, Walmart has a department for the function of human resource management. The customer-base within the Walmart corporation is a very versatile part of the corporation. It is by addressing the interests of these two groups that the management should address its critics and adversaries.

With the many different products that Walmart sells along with the variety of areas around the world that they operate in they have to have a department for just marketing and research. The result is a continuous improvement process in which reengineered practices are aligned to the strategic focus of the company.

Walmart is a very large corporation in which they have a wide variety of geographic areas, products, customers, divisions, and departments to discuss, evaluate, research, and come to a resolution to the different matters at hand to ensure a strong and promising future for their corporation and employees.

The accountability is going from the lower end managers at each store to the top executive or CEO. Walmart's Organizational Culture Essay Words Feb 11th, 4 Pages Wal-mart For most companies, identifying what a learning organization should be and actually becoming one is tricky at best, impossible at worst.

Dec 17,  · Organizational Behavior, Terminology, and Concepts Organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, and communication are important concepts and terms, which are prevalent in the success of companies today; Community Health Center is no exception.

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Organizational Culture is an article that gives the reader the basic definition of culture, as well as brief explanations on how culture is developed, what effects organizational culture have, compelling points, and examples of both strong and weak culture characteristics.

Apr 22,  · This essay assess the assess the culture and different trends followed at Lincoln Electric Organizational Culture: Business dictionary defines Organizational Culture as the ‘values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization’.

Wal-mart has a customer-responsive culture. One of the first things involved in the culture of a company is how the company adapts to external factors, how it will reach its goals and deal with outsiders.

Walmart organizational culture essay
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Walmart's Organizational Culture Essays